Nico Campanella was born in Putignano (Italy). His first approach to music took place at the age of 11 years when he started to study piano, and shortly after, thanks to his great devotion and deep passion for everything concerning music, he was involved in different local bands.

Subsequently, his love for electronic music started to blossom, thanks to great artists such as Basic Channel, Robert Hood, Substance et Vainqueur, Derrick May, Jeff Mills and many others.

During the last few years, his necessity to propose a multifaceted vision of electronic music, made it necessary to create new projects, such as “Kaelan”, which became his main alias for techno. Under his side project “2030” he propose electro inspired music, while “Ixm” is his pseudo for dub techno music.

He is owner of Subosc and co-owner of Ranges label projects. The former aims to propose modern and classy techno music, while the latter is a tribute to reminiscent dub techno sounds.
At the moment he’s collaborating with some of the most known techno european labels such as CONSTRUCT RE-FORM, CLFT, Monnom Black and now EarToGround.