21st July

Truncate Interview

During the last year or so there’s one name that predominately pops up quite a lot across the world of Techno, ‘Truncate’. You hear his productions on a weekly basis being played in clubs, charted and recently even getting some national airplay on BBC Radio One. American based producer Techno producer David Flores aka ‘Audio Injection’ kindly took the time to answer us a few questions. Here are the answers…


– Hi Dave, where in the world are you right now? What you up to? How is the weather?

– I’m currently home in sunny southern California, recently moved and getting back in the studio finishing up remixes and working on new bits!


– You started your ‘Truncate’ alias in early 2011 alongside your ‘Audio Injection’ name. In a short space of time Truncate seems to of become a great success. Did you ever expect it become as big as it has?

– I did not expect it to become big at all! It was started as just DJ tools for myself and friends but who would of thought that these tracks would be so well accepted. I’m very happy they are though 


– Where did the name Truncate come from?

– I remember seeing the word Truncate on this old Roland sampler I had back in the late 90s and for some reason it popped in my head so I decided to use it!


– What is the plan for ‘Audio Injection’ ? You seem to be keeping it localized to the states.

– I’m gonna keep releasing music, trying to be in the studio as much as possible, also doing gigs all over. There are some Droid nights coming up toward the end of the year in Europe, so those should be a blast, we’re gonna bring the LA vibe to Europe and I hope Europe is ready for it 


– Any tips on production? Do you stay with the same format when producing? What was the last bit of studio kit you bought?

– I usually find a certain way to work and stick with that for a while until I find another better way to do it… I’ve been using the same software for years because I’m very comfortable with it and I can work quickly, some people say I should switch some say stick with what I’m comfortable with and I tell producers this all the time. Use what you’re comfortable with, don’t let other people tell you this program is better than the other because in the end it’s what you’re comfortable using…. I don’t think one program sounds better than the other, it’s what you do inside the program that counts. I’ve heard shitty mixes on a Pro Tools HD rig so what does that tell you….. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new studio toy, but I think it was Machine!


– Are you using mainly hardware or software or both in your tracks?

– I’m usually all software with my tracks, I don’t have a lot of hardware/outboard gear so I make use of what I have and try to get it to sound the best I can!


– 808 or 909?

– 909!


– Is there a particular favorite drum synth your using at the moment?

– I’m actually using the Drumazon a lot (909 emulator) because I love the 909 sounds so much and they work so well with techno. Also more recently I got Madrona Labs Aalto, that thing is a beast.


– When approaching remixes, I guess you have to like the original first and foremost? Do you like to like to try stay true to the original or make something totally new with the parts?

– I usually approach remixes as my own tracks… I don’t always have to like the original, but I want to have some useful sounds from the original, then I basically build the track from scratch like it was my own.


– Are you related to Luis Flores or just by coincidence do you both share the same surname?

– Pure coincidence!! Crazy huh!


– What is the best thing about what you do?

-Being able to make a living doing what I love to do 


– What is the worst part? Can imagine airports are generally a pain the arse.

– Yeah the traveling can become a pain, in and out of gigs, cities, and countries, straight to the airport, no sleep, going thru customs half asleep, almost missing flights, delays, etc….


– You toured Australia and Europe recently not forgetting the states. What have been the most memorable moments during your recent travels. Any stand out gigs?

– Australia was amazing, not just the gigs, but the country itself, it was beautiful and of course Europe is always fun. My last show at Berghain was a blast and also the On & On party in Amsterdam was crazy! Lot’s of good parties!


– Apart from Techno, what music do you listen to?

– I like listening to random stuff, from hip hop, house, dub step (not brostep), drum n bass, classic rock, punk, jazz, even hardcore techno, pretty much anything. I guess it’s whatever I’m in the mood to listen to.


– The first record you ever bought. What was it?

– I’m not sure exactly but I think I remember it was Poing on Rotterdam Records haha


– What Star Sign are you?

– Scorpio


– Favorite beer?

– I’m a beer nut, and its too hard to narrow down to just one favorite beer, but I’m an IPA guy


– Favorite food?

-Pizza is one of my weaknesses 


Truncates remix of ‘Klona’ by Alexander Dniel (ETG004) will be hitting the stores early August. Vinyl only format. Preview clips can be found at our releases page.

Words ETG.

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